Biblical Answers for Challenges, Trials, & Suffering

Counseling Philosophy
Using a pastoral model rather than a clinical model, our training courses and counseling proclaim the sufficiency of God's Word through the Holy Spirit to change lives and glorify God.

Caring, Certified, Trained Counselors
Counselors are here to encourage, comfort, listen  and offer biblical solutions to those who are struggling, hopeless, or suffering, so that they may experience abundant life as well as the transforming power, grace and hope of divine truth.

Why come to HOPE?
Some people come for counseling because they have serious problems. Others come because they need an objective, unbiased third party to help them work through difficult problems. HOPE does not claim to identify psychiatric disorders. Nor do we give medical  or legal advice.

HOPE is a Certified Training Center
HOPE has offered faith-based training courses to pastors, laymen, and church leaders in SW Florida for over 20 years.  

HOPE Biblical Counseling & Training Center

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HOPE Biblical Counseling & Training Center
Helping Others for the Purpose of Eternity

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